Undergraduate courses

COM2501 Internet Communication

The course aims to provide students with a broad range of knowledge and skills regarding Internet communication through the World Wide Web and other forms of electronic communication. It will survey the development of the Internet and the Internet communication process, analyze the impact of Internet communication on the society and the major issues arising from Internet communication, and discover the social values and implications of various Internet applications. It will also allow students to learn the professional skills in the design, deployment, and administration of websites and create functional and innovative websites through applying various approaches of effective communication.

COM2405 Communication and Marketing

The course examines the concepts, analyses, and activities that comprise marketing management. It also discovers and examines how various communication channels facilitate marketing activities including the exchange between sellers and buyers or between other parties. It equips students with knowledge of and techniques in planning, implementing, and evaluating marketing strategies. Topics include definition of marketing, elements of marketing environment, planning process of marketing strategies, marketing mix, marketing management techniques, marketing research, as well as communication and presentation skills. Broad range of case studies will also be included.

COM2509 Interactive Digital Communication

This course aims to explore the interactive nature of digital media, their applications in different areas of communication, changes brought by interactive digital communication, and the impact of interactive digital communication on various aspects of society and personal life through readings, lectures, and class discussions. Additionally, students will create projects of interactive digital media through hands-on use of various creative/business applications and techniques. This class will prepare students for additional courses in applications of interactive digital communication.


Masters courses

COM5108 Psychological Processing of New Media

This course aims to discover and examine cutting-edge research in the areas of media psychology and new media studies. Specific topics addressed will include human-computer interactions (HCI) and computer-mediated communication (CMC) research on various types of new media interfaces such as the Internet, WWW, virtual reality, mobile media, and computer and video games.

FB5632 – e-Commerce and Digital Marketing (MBA)

The aim of this course is to provide students with the ability to:
-Evaluate the role of e-commerce and digital marketing components in current marketing frameworks
-Apply e-commerce and digital marketing processes in traditional business environments
-Develop and evaluate innovative e-commerce and digital marketing strategies
-Apply e-commerce and digital marketing concepts to enhance customer satisfaction